Working with me

The therapeutic relationship is deemed to be the most important factor for effective psychological change. Vital too is having the right conditions of safety and contact to support the process of working through emotional pain or distress.

The following information has been compiled so you have an understanding of how I work. This will form the basis of our working contract. Of course, I will be more than happy to answer questions at our first meeting.

The Cost of Therapy

Commitment is 1 session per week

A therapy session costs  £60-£80.

Payment is made at the start of each session or alternatively by BACS payment 48 hours before the session.


How long a therapy ‘takes’ largely depends on the issues being worked on and the depth and direction the work takes.

Short term: For clients wanting to work on an issue that is causing momentary anxiety, pain or distress short-term work of between 6-12 sessions may suffice.

Long term:

The longer you have been struggling with an issue the longer the therapy may take, eg a persistent past problem, experiences of childhood trauma, early abuse, neglect, multiple or sudden losses, recurring relationship difficulties.

Casting ‘light’ on repetitive patterns, gaining ‘insight’ into thinking, feelings, behaviour is an emergent process and develops win the relationship with your therapist.

We may need to identify and work through defense mechanisms, and other creative coping strategies employed in the management of our emotional pain and to consider the place of shame, fear and anger in our experiences. Uncovering the mass takes guts. It is not always an easy journey.

When working long-term we will review the contract on an ongoing basis to ensure the therapy is going in the right direction.


A therapy hour lasts 50 minutes.

Please be aware that late arrival will reduce the amount of time available for the session.


Cancellations should be made in advance where possible. However should something happen during the week, which is beyond your control, please contact me by phone, giving a minimum of 48 hours cancellation notice. Late cancellations and missed appointments will need to be paid for in the next session.

If I have to cancel for any reason there is no charge. I will give advanced notice of any planned holidays and do not charge for the time that I am away.

Contact outside of the therapy ‘hour’

The therapeutic relationship is ‘boundaried’ and should be respected. Should you need to get a message to me please leave me a voicemail or send a text message.

If I bump into you outside of therapy I will not acknowledge you unless you acknowledge me first. This is to safeguard the confidentiality of the alliance.


What we discuss and explore in the therapy room is confidential and this confidentiality will be maintained except in the following situations where it might be necessary to share information

  1. Where you give consent for this confidence to be broken
  2. If you are at risk or another person is at risk
  3. In the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults
  4. Where it is in the public interest eg the detection of serious crime

Where possible I will discuss with you before the sharing of any information.


Like all professional psychotherapists I work under supervision. This means that I am likely to discuss your case with my supervisor in confidence. This is of benefit to you providing an additional level of safety to our work together.

Note taking

Brief notes may be produced after the session as an aide memoire.

Accessibility access

Please consult me should you have specific need.

Ending therapy

Because of the relationship that is built during therapy we will give careful attention to the ending of the therapy.  How long we spend on this process will depend on how long we have worked together. The longer the therapy, the more time it should take to create our ending.

What if there are problems?

If you feel that things are not working for you in therapy then it is important that you are able to discuss this with me. Difficult conversations can open up and progress the work.

If issues cannot be resolved please consult the UKCP’s complaint procedure.

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