Can Talking Really Help?

Talking openly and honestly in a therapeutic context offers tremendous benefits and the value should not be underestimated.

Nottingham Talking and Psychotherapy is a place for putting yourself first. It offers space for reflection, and for ‘tuning in’ internally, bringing awareness to repetitive patterns of relating to self and others.

The therapeutic process allows difficult emotions to emerge, and difficult experiences to be heard and explored.

Nottingham Talking and Psychotherapy is an investment in YOU.

It offers consistent and regular opportunity for exploration and working through psychological pain, distresses and difficulties. It opens vistas of meaning, providing opportunities for change, growth and acceptance, empowerment – renewing vitality for living.

Burying feelings, pretending they don’t exist, does not mean they do not exist. They Do!

“Professional support through
difficult life processes.”

Contact me if you answer yes to any of the following and would like help

  • I am struggling because of a recent bereavement.
  • I need help to make sense of my loss.
  • I’m finding it difficult to manage this recent change.
  • I feel like I am being a burden to friends and family.
  • I can’t make sense of my feelings.
  • I’ve lost myself.
  • I feel nothing.
  • I feel sooooooo much.
  • Everyone ‘offloads’ onto me but I don’t seem to have the same support.
  • I am a carer, support worker, working in demanding and challenging occupation and need a space for me.
  • I’ve lost interest in everything.
  • I want to run away and hide.
  • I used to cope with everything, now I don’t even recognize myself.
  • I make the same mistakes.
  • I couldn’t possibly talk to anyone about this.

What’s stopping me